Frozen Giant Freshwater prawns


The company's giant freshwater prawns have a farming process that meets GAP standards and GI certified ponds


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The company's giant freshwater prawns have a farming process that meets GAP standards and GI certified ponds

Giant freshwater prawn breeding standards
Producing high-quality baby prawn through breeding In order to ensure the production of healthy and top-notch prawn, a sterile pond system will be implemented for breeding and nurturing prawn. These ponds will be closely monitored, with regular inspections conducted every hour to guarantee the quality of the giant prawn.

Pond management standards
The pond will undergo a procedure of sterilization using microorganisms to maintain its cleanliness and sterility for a duration of 1 week.

Water mangement standards
Once the pond is ready, the water will be directed into it, and its quality will be assessed to ensure its suitability for prawn farming. Parameters such as pH value, oxygen levels, and Pangtol will be measured to determine the optimal conditions for giant prawn cultivation.

Farming quantity standards

In order to determine the quantity of prawn present in each pond, a calculation is made to determine the number of giant prawn. This is done to match the giant prawn population to the capacity of the pond to ensure optimal growth and protection from infection. It is therefore essential to determine an appropriate quantity.

Food standards
The food we use for prawn cultivation is free from any chemicals or synthetic additives. It consists of natural ingredients that are proportioned appropriately for the optimal growth of prawn. This ensures that the giant prawn attain high-quality meat, with a delightful taste and abundant oil content.

Farming inspection standards
The farm staff diligently records daily inspections of every stage of prawn cultivation to ensure adherence to the set standards. These inspections encompass a comprehensive health check of the prawn.

Catching giant prawns
Giant prawn fishing standards include procedures to prevent the prawns from being crushed or dying by lowering the water level. Then use a 4 cm net and catch in the morning when the weather is not hot.

Sizing standards
We use a machine for sizing prawns to meet the standards.

Transportation from farm to factory
The transportation of giant prawns from the farm to the factory is done with vehicles designed for the transportation of live prawns to the factory in order to obtain 100% freshness

Flash Freezing Technology
The freezing system ensures the preservation of giant prawns quality, allowing it to remain 100% fresh and suitable for long-term storage. Our approach involves utilizing the Flash Freezing Technology system, which operates at an ultra-low temperature of -100 degrees Celsius.

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